Fund Management
General Partner
Our General Partner is Unified Private Equity I, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UBA. The principals of our General Partner are a highly experienced team of land developers, residential and commercial real estate professionals and entrepreneurs with a track record of managing a similar investment fund. The initial principals and officers of the General Partner are Edward Axley, Arnim Way and John Briggs, M.D. Together, we believe they provide the Fund with the necessary expertise to source quality investment opportunities, develop and build commercial projects and sell those projects at a profit.
Ed Axley
Chief Executive Officer
Edward Axley is an entrepreneur and business leader who harnesses the power of innovation to launch and sustain multiple successful...
John Briggs
Chief Investment Officer
Dr. Briggs’ educational background includes a B.S. degree in Biology at The University of Notre Dame followed by an accelerated...
Arnim Way
Chief Operating Officer
Growing up in San Antonio, TX, Arnim’s Latin American roots instilled in him a deep sense of community and perseverance...